NEW LIFE SPECTRUM Ick Shield 125g 1/2/3mm

* Sinking medicated fish food for combating aquarium ectoparasites
* Helps treat and prevent Ich, Velvet Disease, Black Ich, and more
* Effective treatment for Freshwater and Marine aquarium fishes

Combat aquarium ectoparasites with highly palatable treatment your fish will love to eat! New Life Spectrum ICK SHIELD Sinking Pellets provide hobbyists a new way to effectively combat aquarium ectoparasites. Whole Antarctic krill is the first ingredient to ensure eager consumption of this treatment effective against Ick, Velvet Disease, Black Ick and more!

New Life Spectrum ICK SHIELD Sinking Pellets are available in Regular 1mm size, Medium 2mm size, and Large 3mm size sinking pellets to suit Freshwater and Marine aquarium fishes of all sizes.


  • Can help disrupt damaging feeding stage of Ick-causing parasite lifecycle
  • Attacks a variety of ectoparasites
  • Fish and biological filter safe
  • Highly palatable taste encourages fish to eat the formula
  • High-concentration nutrition supports fish health
  • For freshwater & marine aquarium fish
  • Active Ingredients: I,4-Pentanediamine, N4-(7-chloro-4-quinolinyl)-NI,NI-diethyl

Note: Do not use treatment until you read instructions.
Important: Do not feed to anemones or corals.

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