MOSURA MineralPlus 150ml

Discontinued and replaced by Mosura Mineral Plus Ultra

Crystal red shrimps and other shrimps display poor color in low mineral waters. High mortality rate for gestation female when they are in very soft water. Most of the shrimplets disappeared before they can reach 8mm in size. So you can see it is a very serious problem when an aquarium lack of minerals, in search of a solution that is easy to use and gentle, we created Mosura Mineral Plus.

MOSURA Mineral Plus also improves the colour of Crystal Red Shrimps and Red Bee Shrimps, in particular it intensifies the whiteness of the shrimps. This is achieved by providing the essential minerals that are lacking in our tap water. By providing a conducive environment for the shrimps, it allows them to build up their exoskeletons, thereby allowing for stronger and more vibrant colouration.

Our tests have also shown this product to increase the intensity of blue in blue tiger shrimps or golden eyes shrimps.

This products does not alter the pH and kH of your water, but will mildly alter the tank's GH value and increase TDS. MOSURA Mineral Plus can be used on an existing tank, added to a new tank or during every water change.

We use Mineral Plus to keep the TDS of our Red Bee Shrimps tank to be around 150ppm to 200ppm or GH from 3 to 5.

Amount to Use:
For tank water pH 6.3 or less: use 1.5 ml for 5 litre of water. For tank water pH 6.3 to 6.8: use 1 ml for 5 litre of water.

Dose to Existing Tank:
Divide the total amount needed as per Amount to Use into 3 portions and dose 1 portion each day. Dissolve each portion with 1 cup of tank water before pouring into tank.

Dose to a New Tank Without Livestock:
Dose the total amount into the tank at once.

Modifiy Minerals Content For Water Change:
Mix the amount of MOSURA Mineral Plus according to Amount to Use with new water, conduct water change as per normal. In most situation, 1 application as per Amount to Use is enough, it is not neccessary to dose regularly, unless during water changes. This product is also useful to other species of shrimps, crayfishes and snails.

To be used with dechlorinated water! Shake well before use. Keep away from children. For Aquarium use only.

This product does not contain Calcium Phosphate or other Phosphate. Phosphate encourages the growth of algae. Algae can be detrimental to shrimps, for example, hair algae traps shrimps and causes them to death.

ASSA Feeding Regime
ASSA Aqua, designed a complete range of food for algae eating class shrimps. Each of these foods is tested on high grade red bee shrimps or crystal red shrimps and even on the more exotic species like black tiger shrimps.

Besides ensuring that our food increases shrimp growth rates and chances of breeding, we have also focused on improving the survivability of shrimplets, lowering casualty rates and achieving a high spawn size.

We suggest you to use our feeding regime matrix to get the maximize out of our products and your shrimping experience.

ASSA Feeding Regime Matrix
Objective Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Shrimplet/New Born Bioplus Bioplus Bioplus Bioplus
Fast Growth Excel CRS Specialty Food Excel CRS Specialty Food Excel CRS Specialty Food
Best Color CRS Specialty Food CRS Specialty Food CRS Specialty Food CRS Specialty Food CRS Specialty Food CRS Specialty Food
Maturation Excel Excel Excel Excel Excel

What is this table about?
It is believed that in different type of food is for different stage of shrimp life cycle or feeding different kind of food to achieve different objective. This is the type of feeding regime we use in our breeding rooms.

How to use this table?
Choose the objective on the outmost left column and use the Mosura products for a week.

Why there are blanks in a row?
Those are Starve Days, you do not feed the shrimps in those blank days. It is for shrimps to clean up any debris, in natural they are subjected to starvations.


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