MOSURA ME 250 (Microelements Essence)

ME contains a rich concentration of ionic species and trace elements that helps create a balanced and enriched ecological chain. You may use on top of any other products in a breeding environment, or to aid in stablizing water conditions in a trouble tank with counting casualties.


Supports a Plankton diversity as food for shrimplets and adult, creates a complete food chain

  • Boost immune system, growth rate and survival rate
  • Compensate depleting micro elements in soil and water.
  • Enrich RO water with microminerals.
  • Promotes growth of aquatic plants and microalgae.
  • Promotes healthy growth of microorganism


250ml treat 2000litre of water.

1 cap (5ml) treats 40litre of water

Add during water change for the changed amount. Do not overdos

  • Initial dosing should be based on new water changed too.


Iodine, Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc, Silicon, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Sulfur, Calcium, Boron etc

Shelf life:

3 years


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