Mosura Graze Active

Mosura Graze Active is a specially selected growth media for mycelia. Mycelia is the vegetative part of fungi that generates nutritive components such as crude protein, amino acid, crude fat, crude cellulose and polysaccharide, all of which are important for shrimp growth and well being. Graze Active contains added lactobacillus to help activate the growth process of mycelia. Lactobacillus functions to enhance the production of folic acid and vitamins, improves palatability and cleanses water conditions.

Even though the shrimps are attracted immediately to Mosura Graze when it is introduced into the tank, it is perfectly normal to have white flakes left over. These flakes do not pollute water and will serve as a medium for mycelia to grow. As a result there will be a constant source of food for the shrimps for weeks (depending on the amount dosed and the amount of livestock), thus making it to suitable to be used as a food supplement during holiday periods.

Ingredients: Processed bean extract, lactobacillus

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