Microbe-Lift Phosphate Remover 8oz

Safely and quickly removes phosphate from fresh, salt and reef aquariums, by binding the phosphate.

MICROBE-LIFT/Phosphate Remover significantly reduces phosphate and improves turbidity. When dosed correctly it will not affect pH or alkalinity.

  • Quickly removes phosphate 
  • Improves turbidity 
  • Harmless to all fish and invertebrates 
  • Boosts alkalinity 

Use MICROBE-LIFT/Phosphate Test Strips to manage your phosphate levels..

Test water for phosphate before use. Only use if levels are 0.2 ppm or greater. Add to high flow area. In aquariums with sumps, add MICROBE-LIFT/Phosphate Remover just before the overflow. Do not remove more than 1.5 ppm of phosphate per day. Treat every other day until desired level of phosphate is reached. Shake well before using.

MICROBE-LIFT/Phosphate Remover will create a temporary cloud in the aquarium. This will clear rapidly. Overdosing may result in a cloud that will last for several hours. Does not affect pH.

This product is intended for use with all ornamental and aquarium fish only, and may not be used for fish intended for human consumption.

Dosage rate:

Treats up to 800gal (3028L) at a removal rate between 1 to 1.5ppm
Treats up to 400gal (1514L) at a removal rate between 1 to 1.5ppm


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