Microbe-Lift 7.0 pH Buffer 250g

Sets Freshwater at a pH of 7.0

Use for:

  • Tap Water
  • Tank Water
  • Change Water

Contains a proprietary blend of four sodium and potassium salts.

Use with:
Algae eaters, Silver Dollars, most Tetras, most Loaches, and Plecostomus fish

The primary functions of pH Buffers are to resist pH-Drop (acidification), and to hold the pH at a given target pH.

To lower the pH and hold it at 7.0:
Add 1 scoopful (5 grams) of this buffer / 10 Gal. (37.8 L).

To raise the pH and hold it at 7.0:
First adjust pH to 7.0 with an increaser (MICROBE-LIFT/pH Increase) and then add 1 scoopful (5 grams) of this buffer/10 Gal. (37.8 L). Check your pH regularly and add Buffer when needed.

Note: Pre-dissolve buffer in a small amount of bottled or dechlorinated tap water and introduce to your aquarium.

* A scoop is enclosed for your convenience.

Dosage rate:
Treats up to 500gal (1890L)


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