Kent Marine Nautilus Sea Squirt Feeding Prong

The Kent Marine Sea Squirt is a revolutionary new instrument with several unique features:

  • Contracted length of 21" (53cm), extends to 35" (89cm) for deep tanks or hard-to-reach areas
  • Graduated tube is marked at each milliliter to enable ease of measuring the exact amount of food or supplement being added to the aquarium
  • Holds up to 10-ml of liquid
  • May be used to deliver foods in suspension or liquid supplements, as desired
  • Extendable prong at tip of Sea Squirt may be used to deliver meaty-foods to anemones, eels, and other organisms that must generally be fed by hand
  • Made of durable polycarbonate and silicone
  • May be completely disassembled for cleaning 

Dual purpose instrument is a must-have for hobbyists with predatory species that require delicate handling (such as venomous fishes or anemones with a powerful sting) or for those that need to dispense liquid foods to filter feeders. Excellent tool for deep aquariums or hard-to-reach areas. The graduated tube is marked at each milliliter, so you'll know exactly how much supplement has been drawn in. No pre-measuring required.

SeaSquirt helps keep your hands and arms out of the aquarium to minimize water contamination and cuts, bites, or stings.

Directions for use:
Keep out of reach of children. Sharpened object. Before using the SeaSquirt for the first time, rinse it in warm running water, and then dry the SeaSquirt with a paper towel. It is recommended that any liquid foods, vitamins, or chemical supplements be placed in a clean glass or plastic container, and that the head of the SeaSquirt be dipped in the container to extract the product, rather than placing the head of SeaSquirt directly into the product bottle. This helps minimize the risk of contaminating your product should the SeaSquirt have not been properly rinsed after its last use.

First, dispense the desired amount of product into the container as per directions provided with the product. To draw the product into the SeaSquirt, you may use one of two methods:

1. In deep aquariums in which the SeaSquirt must be extended to target feed specific invertebrates, extend the tubes to the proper length first, then gently squeeze the bulb at the end of the SeaSquirt; place the tip of the SeaSquirt's head into the liquid to be dosed, and slowly draw the product up into the tube. The graduations on the side of the tube let you see the number of milliliters drawn in. Next, place the head of the SeaSquirt into the aquarium at the desired location and squeeze the bulb to dispense the product.

2. To have the greatest amount of control over the amount of product drawn into the SeaSquirt, you may choose to use the piston or plunger action of simply extending the tubes slowly while keeping the unit's head in the solution. Doing so will slowly draw liquid into the tubes. To dispense the fluid, slowly contract the tubes together, or squeeze the bulb gently. You may use a combination of these methods.

3. In the event that the amount of product you wish to dose to the aquarium is only a few milliliters, you may increase the volume of liquid in the container by adding a few ounces of aquarium water to it (i.e. add the product to the container, then add the aquarium water to the container), then proceed as directed above.

4. To use the SeaSquirt as a tool for feeding pieces of fish, shrimp, and other meaty foods to anemones, eels, lionfishes, and other organisms that require a careful approach, extend the feeding prong on the SeaSquirt's head, skewer the food item, then place the head and body of the SeaSquirt in the aquarium and allow the target organism to remove the food.

Cleaning Instructions:
Disassemble the SeaSquirt by carefully loosening the head from around the polycarbonate tubing. Then rinse all parts in warm running tap water and allow to air dry.


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