JBL Test PO4 Sensitive

The JBL Test set PO4 sensitive -Phosphate- is designed fro measuring and routinely controling the phosphate content in saltwater and freshwater within the range of 0.05-1.8 mg/l (ppm). The compensation method developed specially by JBL allows precise and reliable results to be obtained even in moderately discoloured aquarium water e.g. caused by peat filters and disease treatment.

Through the high sensitivity of the JBL test PO4 sensitive the impending danger of excessive phosphate levels can be recognised at e very early stage and suitable preventative measures to be taken in good time. In the natural enviroment phosphate, a vital plant nutrient, only occurs in very low concentrations.

The average levels are about 0.01 mg/l in freshwater and about 0.07 mg/l in saltwater. In an aqaurium, the main sources of phosphate in the water are digestive processes of the fish and food residue. Under unfavourable circumstances phosphate levels can reach up to 100 times or more above the natural levels.

This inevitably leads to an explosive increase in undesirable algae. This danger can be identified by measuring the phosphate level in time using the JBL Phosphate Test set PO4 sensitive and appropriate remedial action can be taken. It is important to know that algae can store considerable aquantities of phosphate, enabling them to continue to grow even after the level of phosphate in the aquarium water has been reduced.

In a freswater aquarium, levels of up to 0.4 mg/l are acceptable. In marine aqaurium, the phosphate level should be as close as possible to the natural level.

JBL Test Set PO4 sensitive -phosphate

  • Highly sensitive phosphate test for freshwater and saltwater 
  • Colour scale measurements: <0.02 | 0.05 | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.4 | 0.6 | 0.8 | 1.2 | 1.8 mg/l>
  • Sufficient for approx. 50 tests 
  • for freshwater and saltwater 
  • You can oder the complete test kit with coloure chart and test accessories or only the reagents at the refill kit.


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