JBL Spirohexol - 20 tablets

JBL Fungol is an effective preparation to combat intestinal flagellates of the genus heamita and spironucleus in aquarium fish. The illness caused is commonly known as "hole disease".

  • Do not use in animals intended for human consumption 
  • Store out of reach of children! 
  • Do not use after expiry of the use by date. 

Infected fish have a dark body colour and eat poorly or not at all. The excrement is white and stringy. Fish which have been infected for a longer period become very thin. Often white, hole-like symptoms may be observed in the region of the fish's head.

Use and dosage:
1 tablet to 20 l aquarium water. Place the required number of tablets directly into the aquarium in a position with good water movement. Length of treatment: 1 week. Afterwards change approx. 75 % of the water. In obstinate cases, treatment may be repeated following the same procedure. Spirohexol should not be used in conjunction with other preparations. Should other preparations have been used shortly before, approx. 75 % of the water should be changed. The water should not be filtered with carbon and any UV water clarifier should be switched off during treatment. A good supply of oxygen should be provided during treatment.

Hexamita and spironucleus are normally present in small numbers in the intestines of fish without any adverse effects. It is only when the fish have been weakened by other factors, e.g. incorrect keeping, that germs can multiply rapidly and kill the fish. Therefore, as well as treating the illness with medication, the factor must be found and removed which led to the fish becoming weaker and so enabled the parasites to multiply.

Useful tip:
After treatment has been concluded, a double dose of JBL Biotopol accelerates the recovery of the fish and promotes the healthy regeneration of mucous membrane.

Retail size:
Original pack of 20 tablets, sufficient for 400 l aquarium water.

Administration form:
Tablets to be dissolved in aquarium water.

1 Tablet contains: 2-amino-5-nitrothiazol 100 mg 1 Tablet contains: 2-amino-5-nitrothiazol 100 mg


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