JBL Schnecktol - 100ml

Against snails, leeches, planaria and hydra.

  • Solves the problem of snails. 
  • In addition to the JBL Snail Trap, this preparation is a fast and simple means of solving the problem of snails. 
  • After using the preparation, the dead/lifeless snails should be removed. This preparation has little or no effect on tower-shelled snails. 


  • 1 outer capful for 15 liters of aquarium water 
  • 1 inner capful for 30 liters of aquarium water. 

The dosage should be varied according to the carbonate hardness in the aquarium as follows:

  • For hardness under 8- dKH: 75 % of normal dosage 
  • For hardness between 9 and 15 dKH: normal dosage 
  • For hardness over 15- dKH: 125 % of normal dosage 

Distribute Schnecktol evently throughout the aquarium and ensure sufficient water currents. Schnecktol should only be used if the water contains no nitrite or nitrate and the pH value is not less than 7. Temporarily switch off any CO2 fertilising apparatus in use. After treatment, any dead or apparently dead slugs should be removed to prevent deterioration in the quality of the water. At least 50 % of the water should be changed 2 days after treatment, followed by the application of a double dose of JBL Biotopol.


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