JBL Oodinol - 100 mL

JBL Oodinol is an effective preparation for combating parasitic flagellates of the oodinium (Velvet) group in aquarium fish (piscinoodinium pillularis in freshwater, amyloodinium ocellatum in salt water).

  • Effective against dinoflagellates of the oodinium group by increasing copper content to 0.3 mg/l.
  • Check and adjust the correct dosage using the JBL Copper Test Cu. 
  • Counteracts oodinium germs in freshwater and saltwater. 
  • Not to be used with invertebrates (freshwater/saltwater) at any time.

A velvety white, yellow or brownish coating of the skin ("velvet") is indicative of a parasitic infection. If the gills are severely infested, a faster breathing rate is observed. Rubbing against objects and a darkened colouring are also general signs of a parasitic attack.

Use and Dosage:

In salt water:
1 drop for 1 liter of water in 24 hour intervals on three consecutive days. After treatment a minimum 30 % of the water must be changed.

In fresh water:
1 drop for 2 liters of water. Otherwise as specified for salt water.

In salt water, treatment in a separate quarantine tank without any equipment is strongly recommended. Dose as specified above, but change 50 % of the water before any follow-up dose.

In fresh water, darkening the aquarium for 3 to 4 days can help to enhance the treatment. The dosage should be varied according to the carbonate hardness in the aquarium to the carbonate hardness in the aquarium as follows: for hardness under 4 CH: 75 % of normal dosage for hardness over 15KH: 150 % of normal dosage.

The preparation contains copper. It must therefore not be used for lower animals (invertebrates) in salt water!

Administration form:
Aqueous solution for drop application

100 ml contain: Cuprum (II) sulfuricum 5 H2O 1,5 g citric acid monohydrate 0,150 g Methyl-thioninium chloride 0,004 g aqua purif . ad 100 ml

(Treats 1000L of water)


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