JBL - Nitrite Test Set NO2

JBL - Nitrite Test Set

  • Recommended level max.: 0.1 mg/l nitrite in freshwater
  • For approx. 50 measurements with glass cuvette 
  • For freshwater and saltwater 
  • Measurement range from 0.025 to 1.0 mg/l nitrite 
  • Colour scale with 9 colours from yellow to pink 
  • Laboratory compensation system compensates water discoloration 
  • Includes syringe to measure amount of water 

Nitrite (NO2) is a strong poison which blocks the transport of oxygen by the blood and leads to internal suffocation. It is formed by bacterial decomposition from ammonium and is further broken down into the non-toxic nitrate NO3. If nitrite levels exceeding 0.1 mg/l are measured, the bacterial break down of nitrogen is seriously damaged, without any doubt. This may be the result of treatment with antibacterial medications.


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