JBL - Nitrate Test Set NO3

JBL - Nitrate Test Set

  • Recommended level max.: 50 mg/l nitrate in freshwater 
  • For approx. 50 measurements with glass cuvette
  • For freshwater and saltwater 
  • Measurement range from 1.0 to 240 mg/l nitrate 
  • Colour scale with 11 colours from yellow to orange-red 
  • Laboratory compensation system compensates water discoloration
  • Includes syringe to measure amount of water 

Although nitrate (NO3) is non-toxic, it stunts the growth of fish and plants and leads to the excessive growth of algae in aquariums and ponds. Nitrate is only broken down by bacteria under anaerobic (oxygen-free) conditions. These occur, for example, in the floor covering material or in the reef rock of saltwater aquariums. Every filter which operates on normal biological principles produces nitrate. The nitrate consumption of plants is often not high enough, and nitrate becomes enriched in the water, leading to an increase in algae growth. 


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