JBL - KH Test Set

The JBL GH Test Kit is an easy is to use quick test to determine the total hardness.Die GH indication of the proportion of magnesium and calcium ions in the water. It is important to provide a near-natural fish water.

Many popular freshwater aquarium fish come from soft water. For freshwater aquariums and garden ponds, the total hardness of between 5 and 20 - dGH lie. Aquarium, the place to go fill up with water only evaporated water, thus increasing the non-evaporating mineral content and hence the GH. This should be avoided at all costs!

The total hardness says nothing about the stabilization of the pH. This is the responsibility of the carbonate hardness. It is usually a part of GH. However, there are waters in which the CH is higher than GH, such as in Malawi and Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. To provide such a water fishing can offer a special salt to JBL: JBL AquaDur Malawi / Tanganyika.

  • 1 drop = 1- dGH (GTH). 
  • Colour change from red to green. 
  • A higher total hardness in the aquarium compared to that of tap water suggests that water was topped up rather than renewed. 

(Recommended level for freshwater: 8 - 20- dGH)


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