JBL Furanol - 20 Tablets

JBL Furanol is a high-potency preparation which effectively combats most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria such as Aeromonas, Corynebacterium, Columnaris, Streptococci and many others with the exception of fish tuberculosis. JBL Furanol is well-tolerated and is easily taken in through the gills. After only a few minutes, effective therapeutic concentrations can be detected in all organs. JBL Furanol is not harmful to aquarium plants.

Do not use in animals intended for human consumption

Store out of reach of children!

Do not use after expiry of the use by date.

lcerous, blood-shot ruptures and crater-like depressions (common in coldwater fish), wounds, nibbled fins, swellings, loss of areas of skin or flaking are usually signs of bacterial infection. Distended stomach (dropsy) with protruding scales, protruding eyes, darkening of the skin colour, abnormal swimming movements and wasting away are among the symptoms which may appear in advanced stages of disease.

Application and dosage:
1 tablet to 30 l water, in difficult cases 1 tablet to 20 l. Dissolve the required number of tablets in a container of water and add this solution to the aquarium water. Provide adequate aeration during treatment and turn off UV equipment and CO2 fertilizers. Duration of treatment: 4 days, afterwards change 50% of the water and filter with JBL Carbomec active for 2 days. Treatment may be repeated after a few days if required.

Do not use JBL Furanol together with other medication.

Since JBL Furanol also destroys all filter bacteria, the filter should be disconnected and allowed to run on in a separate aquarium or other container. If the aquarium cannot be sufficiently aerated without the filter, remove the filter material, rinse and store damp, before running the filter without filter material. Put the filter material back into the filter after treatment has ended.

JBL Furanol is harmful to invertebrates in saltwater! Saltwater fish and seriously affected freshwater fish should be given intensive treatment in a separate bath outside the aquarium. The following procedure is recommended: in a container, dissolve 1 tablet of JBL Furanol per 1 l water and place the animals in this solution for 30 minutes before returning them to the aquarium. Aerate well during treatment.

After treatment has been concluded, JBL Denitrol should be added to supplement the beneficial cleansing bacteria. A double dose of JBL Acclimol helps the fish to overcome the stress caused by treatment and strengthens resistance to new infections.

Original pack of 20 tablets, sufficient for 400-600 l water.

Administration form:
Tablets to dissolve in aquarium water.

Tablet contains: Nifurpirinol 5 mg


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