JBL Ferropol 24 - 10mL

JBL Ferropol 24 is an Daily fertilizer for aquarium plants.

Many vital trace elements cannot be added as long-term fertilisers, as they are very unstable and quickly combine to form other compounds in the aquarium and would "break down". This means that they are no longer accessible to plants.

However, since plants can only develop their full glory if none of the vital nutrients are lacking, JBL has developed a special fertiliser containing the delicate trace elements and other vital substances in an adapted form. This fertiliser, given daily, promotes luxuriant growth in all aquarium plants and is the perfect form of plant care.

Used in conjunction with the basic fertilisers, JBL Ferropol and JBL AquaBasis plus, aquarium plants receive an optimum supply of mineral nutrients and trace elements. CO2 is recommended in addition.

  • The daily feed for luxuriant aquarium plants. 
  • Optimum, targeted care, provides all vital trace elements which cannot be provided by long-term fertilisers. 
  • Promotes lush growth, even in delicate aquarium plants. 
  • Prevents deficiencies. 
  • Contains no phosphates or nitrates. 
  • Optimum success together with JBL Ferropol (when changing water) and JBL AquaBasis plus (gravel substrate).


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