JBL Denitrol Bacteria Starter Concentrate - 250ml

Aquarium-starter for the biological decomposition of pollutants through bacteria.

JBL Denitrol contains 10 billion (per 100 ml) bacteria of 8 different harmless species with synergic effects in a new style of formula. All bacteria species are coordinated to another. Only this way can organic trash, left over food, and ammonia and nitrate decompose. Fish stay healthy and the water stays clear.

  • 108 (100 million) pollutant decomposing bacteria in a phosphate- and nitrate-free nutrient solution. 
  • 8 bacteria cultures working in synergy to break down proteins (heterotrophic bacteria), ammonium and nitrite. 
  • 24 to 48 hours after administering JBL Denitrol the first fish can be introduced to the new aquarium. 


  • In new aquariums 
  • After disease treatment 
  • Regularly after each water change 
  • For problems with ammonia and nitrite 


Standard dose:

  • Outside screw top for 100 litres; inside screw top for 225 litres, added regularly every 2 weeks after water changes to enhance the bacterial cleaning process. 

In new aquariums and after disease treatment:

  • Add triple dose on the first day and a standard daily dose for the next 9 days. Overdosing without harmful effects. Stock with fish after 3-4 days.


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