JBL - Copper Test Set Cu

Recommended level for oodinium treatment: 0,3 mg/l Cu

Precise test to determine the copper content in fresh water and marine aquariums. Scaling of levels: 0,15; 0,3: 0,45: 0,6; 0,8; 1,2; 1,6; 2,0 mg/l

Also for testing tapwater to detect unwanted copper

Helpful in administering medications and preparations containing copper, as the copper content should never exceed 0.3 mg/l, whilst insufficient doses will not result in a cure.

The JBL Copper Test Set Cu is designed for the measurement and routine control of the copper content in saltwater and freshwater aquariums and in mains water within the range of 0.15 - 2 mg/l (ppm). The compensation method developed specially by JBL allows precise and reliable results to be obtained even in moderately discoloured aquarium water, e.g. caused by peat filters and disease treatment.

Copper is a heavy metal. On the one hand, as a trace element it is essential for plant and animal organisms, on the other hand excess concentrations act as a toxin to cells, with disastrous results. Levels as low as 0.03 mg/l cause long-term damage to filter bacteria. Algae show signs of harm, depending on the type, from 0.1 - 10 mg/l of copper.


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