JBL - Calcium Test Set (Ca)

JBL - Calcium Test Set

  • Recommended level in saltwater: 400-440 mg/l calcium.
  • For saltwater 
  • 1 drop measuring solution 3 = 20 mg/l calcium 
  • Colour change from pink to blue 
  • Includes syringe to measure amount of water 

The test shows the calcium level in 20-mg increments.

Invertebrates (corals, shellfish etc.) and calcareous algae in sea water require sufficient levels of calcium for healthy growth. The natural calcium level of the sea is 400-420 mg/l. In order that the organism can make the best use of the calcium, hydrogen carbonate must also be present in the water in the correct proportions. For this reason the addition of calcium compounds without hydrogen carbonate, such as calcium chloride, is worthless. A calcium level of 420-440 mg/l has proved to be the optimum in sea water aquariums.

Help for low levels: Calcium levels which are too low can easily be raised with JBL CalciuMarin. JBL CalciuMarin contains the correct proportions of calcium and hydrogen carbonate, so that the targeted organisms have the bes possible access to the calcium. Calcium reactors (specialist pet shops) also increase calcium levels.


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