JBL Biotopol C - 100ml

JBL Biotopol C is a water conditioner especially for crustacea and shrimps. Your crustacea and shrimp need JBL Biotopol C because JBL Biotopol C instantly converts aggressive tap water into the right aquarium water for these species permanently. Only in this way will shrimp, crustacea and plants feel as at home in your aquarium as they would in nature.

How JBL Biotolpol C acts:

  • Heavy metals, particularly lethal copper, amongst others, is permanently absorbed. 
  • All trace of hazardous chlorine and chloramine are quickly removed. 
  • Minerals vital for the formation of shell are added. 
  • A concentrated vitamin B complex protects crustacea and shrimp against stress. 
  • Essential natural ingedients (plant material, colloids etc.) are added to the water in order that crustacea and shrimp find the substances which they know and need from their natural habitat. 
  • JBL Biotopol C makes iron accessible to plants. 

Dosage and use of JBL Biotopol C

  • For changes of water and when setting up new aquariums. 
  • Always one hour before bacterial starters are used. 
  • Dosage: 10 ml for 40 l of water.


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