JBL AquaDur Plus 250g

JBL Aquadur plus is a mineral mixture containing carbonatehardening as well as total hardening constituents. The composition is based on the ion distribution of most tropical waters.

JBL AquaDur plus is ideally suited for increasing the corbonate and total hardness levels in all soft water. The puffer capacity is therefore increased, stabilizing the pH values and preventing a harmful drop in acidity.

B-group vitamins and other important active substances, essential above all vor the vital micro-organisms in an aquarium, make soft water which has been treated with JBL AquaDur plus the ideal basic water for keeping and breeding all types of aquarium fish.

Adds over 70 different salts to soft or osmosis water. The pH level is stabilised by the hydrocarbonate content.

Prevents and heals the "hole in the head disease" caused by mineral deficiencies.

Live-bearing fish require higher mineral contents and conductivity, easily attained using AquaDur plus.


  • 1 measuring spoon (approx. 4,5 g) increases 100 l water by 0.6 dKH and 0.8 dGH. Conductivity is increased by approx. 50 S. 
  • The contents of the package increase 3250 l water by approx. 1 dKH and 1.3 dGH


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