JBL AquaBasis plus 5L

JBL Aquabasis plus contains the full range of vital nutrients as well as iron and trace elements which aquarium plants need for healthy and strong growth. These nutrients are provided in depot form and are fully accessible and available to the root of the plants. JBL AquaBasis plus promotes rapid rooting and results in healthy and strong root development.

  • Contains all essential nutrients such as iron, minerals and trace elements.
  • The clay particles act as a nutrient store, binding excess nutrients and releasing as required.
  • Does not require mixing with gravel.
  • Does not contain nitrates and phosphates which promote the growth of algae.


  • The contents of the bag are sufficient for setting up a 100 litre aquarium (approx. 80 x 35 x 40 cm). 
  • Use more for larger aquariums. Spread AquaBasis plus in an even layer of about 2 cm thickness at the bottom of the aquarium (contents sufficient for approx. 100 l).
  • Place a 4 cm layer of washed gravel with a grain size of 2-3 mm on top. 
  • Do not use any larger sized gravel! When filling the tank with water use a flat plate, a panel of glass or another flat object held under the water jet to prevent the gravel from chuming up and clouding the water. 
  • The aquarium can now be stocked with plants


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