JBL Algol - 100ml

JBL Algol effectively fights algae in freshwater aquariums.

  • Solves algae problems. 
  • Effective without copper. 
  • Harmless to fish (including catfish). 
  • Reliably combats green, brown, slimy, thread, floating and spot algae. 
  • The effect is such that results are only seen after a few days, but in return the plants do not suffer any damage! 

Before use, shake bottle vigorously for about 1 minute! Add the required quantity of Algol where the aquarium water is agitated well (e.g. near filter outlet).


  • Outside screw top: for 15 litres of water 
  • Inside screw top: for 30 litres of water if required, treatment may be repeated after two weeks, using half the above quantities.


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