IM Ghost Skimmer Desktop


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Unseen. Unheard. Unrivaled Performance - SkimMate Ghost – Protein Skimmer 

Drop in, ready to skim. Completely re-engineered to push the limits of All-In-One skimmers, the SkimMate Ghost Series is packed with a plethora of performance driving features that propels organics out of your aquarium water. These user-friendly, recirculating protein skimmers are equipped with bubble plates, integrated air silencers, and needle wheel impellers, all housed in a pearl white body that embodies a fresh modern look on its’ exterior and an array of performance features on its’ interior.

• Recirculating Design – Passively recirculates bubbles for maximum dwell time
• Drop-In Convenience – Preset to optimal water level and eliminates the need for extra accessories.
• Enlarged Air Silencer Box– integrated into the skimmer’s body for a seamless look while reducing noise.
• Bubble Plate Diffuser – Reduces turbulence inside skimmer to improve skimmate production
• Adjustable Air Valve – Provides air intake control
• Needle Wheel Impeller – Produces dense micro bubbles
• Cup Drain Elbow – Prevents overflows
• Airline Management – Keeps airline organized and “kink free”
• Suspended Pump Design – Reduces vibration by suspension
• Self-Draining – Eliminate messy maintenance
• Low Profile Cup Design – Keeps your skimmer hidden from view

• Dimensions: 3.58” x 2.28” x 9.84”
• Tank Capacity: 20 gallon
• Designed For: NUVO Fusion 10 & 20
• 220v/50HZ
• 6.5 watts
• Flow Rate: 158 GPH

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