Hagen Marina Deluxe Algae Magnet Cleaners (large)

Hagen Marina Algae Magnets are one of the highest quality, high tech algae cleaning devices we have ever seen...

  • Slim design for hard to reach areas (ie. beneath the gravel line, behind heaters, around rocks and decorations) 
  • Powerful magnet makes algae scrubbing easy 
  • Contains a specially designed floating magnet receiver 
  • Algae Magnets are corrosion resistant and may remain in the aquarium without any negative effects on water quality 
  • Large internal scrubbing pad makes it easy to view what you are cleaning giving you complete control 
  • Unique design alerts you to trapped debris that could potentially scratch aquarium glass 
  • For up to 125 Gal / 1/2" Glass Thickness.


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