Hagen Fluval U4 Underwater Filter

Fluval U series underwater filters. 3 stage filtration with BIOMAX for superior aquarium water quality.

Stage 1  Foam removes large particles.
Stage 2  Poly/carbon cartridge traps fine debris, improves water clarity and removes impurities.
Stage 3  BIOMAX provides optimal biological filtration efficiency.

Flip-Top access for quick and easy cartridge replacement and three way flow control make the new Fluval U Series the benchmark in underwater filtration.

Fluval U series aquarium filters have the special Flip Top system which allows filter cartridges to be removed while the filter continues to operate in your aquarium.

The Fluval U series filters can create a surface flow or, with the twist of a switch a good current along the aquarium base. A multi outlet water diffuser can be used instead to give a gentle water current that won't disturb baby fish or delicate plants or fish.

Fluval U series aquarium filter features:

  • Can be used in Tropical, Goldfish or Marine aquariums, terrariums and turtle tanks. 
  • Provides comprehensive filtration with three media types (mechanical, chemical and biological) included in the filter. 
  • The Flip Top makes U Series filters uniquely easy to clean without removing the filter from the aquarium. 
  • Water flow can be adjusted from surface to low in the aquarium or through a multi height diffuser. 
  • Ideal supplemental or stand-alone filter, or for installations where external filtration is not possible 
  • Silent and efficient 
  • Simple to install and maintain 
  • Engineered and manufactured in Italy 
  • Aquarium Size: 130L to 240L 
  • Output: 1000 Lph 
  • Power: 12 watts


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