Maxspect Glaive G4 – M60 (Marine)

The Maxspect Glaive LED system was designed for reef aquariums with low light requirements. It is Maxspect's new entry level lighting system, without compromising quality, technology, and looks. 


  • 60cm light unit with adjustable feet 
  • Built-in basic controller 
  • Comes with infrared remote control 
  • Cycle and demo modes 
  • Maxspect licenced 4 core Multi-chip LED chip (7w each core) 

Basic Controller and Infrared Remote Control

  • Turn on/off fixture 
  • Adjusting intensity of 4 channels of LED 
  • Cycle / Demo mode 

White Channel
3000K Warm White Cree EZ1000

Royal Blue Channel
460nm Royal Blue

Cyan Channel
500nm Blue

Super Actinic Channel
420nm Super Actinic


600mm × 150mm x 17mm



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