FERKA Koick 800 mL

Koick is a honey-based vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for Kois. Koick consist of vitamin B group, A, D, E and C together with minerals, both inorganic and organic.

What Koick can do for your kois:

  1. Eager to eat and escalted growth rate and size
  2. Improvement of the function of internal organs, especially for the digestive system since Koick directly affects the absorption of nutrients
  3. Shiny scales and healthy skin can also be easily seen
  4. Another medium and long-term beneift of Koick use is that it increases and maintains white color that always turns yellow because of feeding and water quality.
  5. Prevent and decrease mortality rate due to KHV (Koi Herpes Virus)

Dosage and Direction

Sprinkle Aquabase over the bottom of the aquarium and top up with gravel or mix it well with half of the thickness of gravel.


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