FERKA Goldawick 90 mL

Goldawick is a concentrated water-based vitamin and mineral preparation. It consists of vitamins B, A, D, and C. For minerals. Goldawick consists of crucial proportion of both organic and inorganic salts in order to create a balance for both dietary and water quality suited for fish.

What Goldawick can do for your goldfishes:

  • Support the development of small goldfish and maintain good health in mature fish, both structure and colour. 
  • Provides healthy scales and fins. 
  • Decrease and prevent fish stress due to transportation and moving, changing of temperature and water quality.
  • Increase appetite
  • Increase immunity against illness.

Dosage and Direction

Goldawick can be added directly to the water, making it convenient to use. Another option is to mix Goldawick with food and then leave for 5-10 minutes prior to feeding.

Please note that Goldawick was designed as both nutrition and environment aids. Therefore, if Goldawick is used to mix with food, it is recommended that Goldawick should also be added to the water from time to time to build up good water condition for your fishes.

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