FERKA Balance-N

In a general accepted concept in fertilizing the planted tank, Nitrogen is the most nutrient to be concerned with because it can easily cause the rampant growth of green algae. Most aquarists, especially for beginners, will try to avoid an extra dosing of this element and reply the aquarium to receive from its daily food source instead.

With a greater understanding, we are aware that Nitrogen is always inadequate in a planted tank to remain in superb condition. Although adding extra Nitrogen to the tank will increase the risks for green algae, but with proper dosing, we can ensure the healthy conditions of the plants, that in turn suppress the outbreak of algae growth. Nitrogen salt in Balance-N is carefully selected in order to minimize the side effects, so that most of the selected salts are easily absorbed by plants.

Ferka Balance-N should be used in conjunction with Aquatilizer and Balance-K to achieve the optimal condition and also to prevent the loss of eaves from nitrogen deficiency.

Caution: Balance-N is not recommended for a newly set up tank where colonization of bacteria has not been established. Dosing: Begin with 3 cc per 100 liters of water and increase week by week until reach 10 cc per 100 liters of water. Daily dose at 1 cc per 100 liters of water is another proper option.

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