FERKA Arowick GOLD 250 mL

Arowick is a complete nutrition supplement both macro and micro, essential in upkeeping the Arowanas. It consists of vital proportions of both organic and inorganic salts in order to create balance for both dietary and water quality suitable for the fish. Besides vitamins and minerals, Arowick also consists of essential aminno acids that are hard to be found in daily feed.

What Arowick can do for your Arowanas:

  • Decreases the chance of stress as reflected in their eating behavior. They will be eager to eat and eat more, thus increasing good healthy and noticeably more active in swimming. In young fish, Arowick will improve development of all organs. 
  • Helps maintain good condition of mature fish.
  • Ensures healthy scales and fins. This can be easily seen by increasing thickness and shiny scales after the first week of use.
  • Help in healing wounds that are not caused by infection. 
  • Using Arowick before releasing Arowana will help reduce stress caused by a change of environment.

10 ml per 100 litres weekly or 1 pump per 100 liters daily.


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