FERKA AquaShade 5000 mL

Compared to plants used in tanks with intense lighting, popular plant species in shaded aquaria include mosses and ferns, which lack true roots.

To address their different lighting requirements and plant structure, we have designed a complete fertilization formula for shaded tanks called Aquashade. Comprising all essential macro and micro elements including nitrogen and phosphorus, Aquashade provides nutrients that plants without a root system in the substrate can easily absorb.

Algae is a common concern in tanks with medium to high light intensity, especially when excess nutrients such as nitrogen are present. Under shaded conditions, algae is less of a problem and the proportion of nutrients can be changed to provide a growth boost to plants such as mosses and ferns that have no true roots and absorb minerals directly from the water. Epiphytic species such as Anubias sp. that cling to driftwood can also benefit from Aquashade.

Note: in low light tanks that also house plants such as Echinodorus sp and Cryptocoryne sp., which have strong root systems, we recommend using Aquashade along with a root-based fertilizer such as Ferka Rosetta for optimum nutrient uptake.

10 ml per 100 litres weekly or 1 pump per 100 liters daily.


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