Fauna Marin Ultralife 100ml

Ultra Life as a carrier material to feed amino acids to clams

Highly active natural clay mineral
Binds ammonia, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, Phosphate
Removes unwanted yellowness and organic pollutants
Prevents wet skimming

Mix a few drops of Ultramin S and Ultra-live and feed this to your Tridacna clams. You will be surprised to see the increase in coloration!
UltraLive is a highly active natural clay mineral that adsorbs Nitrate, Nitrite, and Phosphates. The pollutants will be bound onto the mineral and can be removed by the skimmer.
Its large surface area allows for easy colonization with bacteria. Its has a unique Ion-exchanger capacity. UltraLive efficiently binds ammonia, ammonium, prevents nitrite ad nitrate formation and reduces detritus. It removes unwanted yellowness and toxic substances. Ultralife increases the efficiency of the protein skimmer, especially when using food rich in fat, like Cyclop Eeze or Ultramin F.

Instruction for use and dosing recommendations:

Please do all changes in the aquarium slowly and carefully monitor the water quality!
Mix 1 Teaspoon in 100 ml of Reverse Osmosis or de-ionized water. Shake well for 30 seconds before use. The normal dose of 10 ml for 40 L of water can be increased up to threefold. In newly established tanks or with freshly introduced fishes use twice the normal dose. In tanks with high No2-, NH3-, NH4- concentrations, use the fourfold dose daily until nutrient levels come down.
UltraLive is a natural product that can be extremely helpful in many cases, it is NOT a substitute for regular water changes.

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