ElevateShrimp 3-Inch Square Plant Ledge (3D Printed)

Brought to you by the innovative folks at ElevateShrimp, the plant ledge takes planting in the aquarium to the next level, literally! Tie on some moss on to the ledge and it to the tank wall using the suction cup and see your moss grow! Shrimp lovers will now be able to view your shrimps grazing at an all new height! You can leave the ledge on your substrate as well.

There are also many other variations to using it! Not only can you tie moss on these ledge, but many other plants such as, Anubias (everyone loves petite nanas!), and even Bucephalandra!

Did I also mention that these ledges are 3D printed? Oh yes they are! Products are made with aquarium safe PLA plastics and attached with industrial grade suction cups.

The dimensions of the 3-Inch Square Plant Ledge is 3 by 3 inches (approx. 7.5cm x 7.5cm)


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