EcoQube C (7.8" x 7.8" x 7.8")(5.7L)

Imagine sitting at your desk or cubicle and seeing life around you. Most work spaces are dull and boring. They do not even have a plant to add some color.

With the innovative EcoQube, you get the joy of a stunning desktop aquarium and plants all in one convenient aquatic ecosystem.

The easy to maintain system makes it the ideal solution for work and home.

A Welcome Compact Distraction

Staring at a computer screen all day is mind numbing.

The compact EcoQube is small enough to fit on your desk and offers a welcome distraction from the daily monotony.

Giving your mind a small break to stare at the peaceful aquatic world helps you relax and refocus so you work better.

You get the benefits of a potted plant and fish without taking up too much space.

Reconnecting With The Environment

The beautiful, yet simple desktop aquarium uses aquaponics to maintain the tank and grow plants at the same time.

The food production method is used to grow fish and food together while using less space. Food grows up to 50% faster and uses 90% less water.

Self-Sustaining System

Many people avoid aquariums because they are difficult to care for. Algae builds up and requires you to chase fish around, transferring to a spare tank so you can clean the main tank.

It is time consuming and messy.

The EcoQube is different.

It uses a self-sustaining cycle that drastically reduces the amount of work it takes to maintain.

The aquarium works in a constant three step cycle:

1.Fish eat and leave behind ammonia-rich waste. Ammonia is then broken down into nitrates by bacteria in the water.

2.A plant medium filters the water. The plant takes in nutritious nitrates for growth.

3.Clean water is returned to the aquarium.

The main tasks you will be responsible for are feeding your fish and maintaining the water level. These two tasks only take a few minutes at most.

The tank itself is made up of four simple components:

1.The LED light sits above the plant to provide the necessary light the plant needs to grow. It also lights up the aquarium.

2.An LED UV sterilizer light aids in the removal of bacteria in the tank from over feeding fish or from introducing new fish.

3.The aquaponics filter sits directly below the plant and filters water between the plant and tank.

4.The final components are the aquarium and its base.

The overall design is simple, yet innovative.

The filter is designed to never need replacing. The small two inch filter pumps 100 gallons per hour. This keeps water fresh.

Combined with the UV LED, water remains clear and algae free. With very little maintenance, the tank stays clean and fish happy.

Aqua Design Innovations recommends using either basil or mint for your plant. During testing, these two plants worked best.

No Cleaning, No Replacements

With proper care, the EcoCube should never need cleaning or even have the filter replaced. It has been designed for lifetime use.

It is the ideal solution for anyone wanting an easy to care for aquarium that is also good for the environment. Even kids could maintain the aquarium easily.

Everything you need to start your own EcoCube and maintain it are available from ADI (see below). Use the tank to add life to bland work spaces or dark corners of your home.

You will love watching fish play in a more natural environment, especially when the tank is not clouded with algae and you do no have to clean it.

Think of the EcoCube as an affordable way to bring a small part of nature into your cubicle, office or home.

What's in the box:
Ecoqube C, LED Wired Remote, AC Adapter and Plant Medium

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