Dymax Protein Skimmer SLS 30

  • Dymax SLS 30 protein skimmer quickly and thoroughly removes organic compounds such as food, waste particles, excess proteins from water.

  • The Dymax SLS skimmer is an affordable piece of filtration system for marine aquarium. 

  • Height: 470mm/Dimension: 120mm

  • Pump Flowrate: 675gph(2500) L/h)
  • Inlet: 1/2″ Barb
  • Ozone Compatible: Yes
  • Aquarium use: 800L
  • The package includes:

    • Acrylic skimmer with collection cup
    • Power mixing injection pump
    • Air silencer
    • Pump connection elbow
    • Water outlet elbow
    • Inlet air hose

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