Dymax Denitrator XD-900

DYMAX Denitrator XD-900 is one of the best ways of eliminating Nitrates in your aquarium, which may cause algae blooms and even Fish deaths.

Every normal working aquarium creates nitrates. Some of the aerobic bacteria which are in our aquariums produce nitrates, mainly provided by the distribution of feed and fish waste.

Frequent change of water are often inevitable because the accumulation of nitrates can be noxious in an aquarium. Hence, it is always necessary to avoid and prevent this. The new DYMAX Denitrator XD-900 provides an excellent biological de-nitrification effect to eliminate the nitrates through the presence of the micro-organism (bacteria) is currently one of the best fighter against the nitrates.

This is both natural and efficient, even if it is a little known process, inspite of its long-standing presence in nature.

The Denitrator XD-900 can be easily installed within minutes, and is as simple as using the hang-on brackets for internal and external use. It uses the pump provided to draw the water out of the aquarium in to the flow control valve, making just the right amount of water entering the canister at a steady rate. It then Fills the canister until it hits is self-syphoning system and the exits making its way back a sump filter or main aquarium.

Product characteristic's at a glance:
  • Can be used Internally or External.
  • Using corrosive free materials.
  • Easy to install, and can be in use in minutes.
  • Uses a self-siphoning system for entering the reactor.
  • Max Aquarium capacity up to 900 litres.
  • Made from hard plastic making it reliable and robust.
  • Size: Dia.150mm/H450mm


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