Dr.G's Anti-Bacterial RX Frozen Food

Treats Fish Infections caused by Bacteria, like "Hole in the Head", PopEye, Hexamita, Fin & Tail Root, Septicemia, Dropsy, Ulcers, Mouth Fungus and many others.

Exclusive therapeutic formula, combining "two" Broad Spectrum Medications with very appetizing foods.

For Fresh Water and Marine Aquariums. Will not affect your Biological Filter.

Medicated Frozen Banquet with No Preservatives, Binders or Gels
100 Grams (3.53 oz) Flat Pack

Coral Reef Safe. Treats your Fish, Not your Water!

Effective new treatment for most forms of marine and freshwater Bacteria, that can harm or kill your fish.

Non Toxic to Nitrosomas or Nitrobacter, and it is easily removed from the water column by activated carbon.

Effectively treats "hole-in-the-head", protozoal infestation, hexamita, mouth fungus, popeye, fin and tail rot, septicemia, dropsy and ulcers. It does not adversely affect the filter bed, is easily removed with carbon and is non-toxic to nitrosomas and nitrobacter. There are numerous types of bacteria that cause infections in fresh and saltwater fish. Antibiotics are the drug of choice to eliminate bacteria, but no single antibiotic works for them all. Dr. G's includes an antibiotic combination that provides a broader spectrum of antimicrobial activity that is extremely effective against a wide variety of bacterial infections.

The best vehicle to get medication into a fish is through their food, not through the water they swim in. Our unique formula provides the efficiency of two excellent antibiotics plus the premium nutritional value of high protein foods made with the finest and freshest ingredients.

Directions: Break off enough for 1 feeding. Do not defrost in water-allow the frozen food to soften at room temperature for a short period of time,then add the morsels to the aquarium.

To avoid any possibility of damage to invertebrates and corals, remove food that falls on corals with a turkey baster and use Dr.G's Chemical Filter and Phosphate Remover to remove any medication from the water that was not consumed.

Dosage: Depending on your tank size, break off a 1/2 inch square piece to start. Feeding should be completed in 3-5 minutes, adjust size accordingly. Do not over feed. To "Treat" Bacterial infections, use as regular food twice a day for up to 2 weeks.
To "Prevent" Bacterial infections, use regular food every day for up to 10 days. Repeat when new fish are added to your system.

Storage: Keep frozen at all times.

Active Ingredient: Kanamycin & Metronidazole.

Exceptional Fresh Ingredients: Atlantic Shrimp, Squid, Aquacultured Oysters, Oyster Eggs, Scallops , Clams, Octopus, Pacific Cod, Gut Loaded Mysis & Krill, Freshly Harvested Dr.G's Rotifers, Freshly Hatched Baby Brine Shrimp, Adult Brine Shrimp, Arctic Cyclops, Green/Red Unroasted Nori, Garlic, Freshly Harvested Dr.G's Phytoplankton, Dr.G's Reef Essential Vitamins and Amino-acids.

Made in the USA.

Warning: Not for Human Consumption. For Ornamental Aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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