Dennerle T5 Amazon Day 54W 1149mm

Dennerle premium brilliant daylight for aquarium plants at 6000 Kelvin.

A unique advantage of the new T5 fluorescent tube technology from Dennerle is the UV Stop feature. All the Dennerle T5 tubes possess a special UV Stop protective foil which filters out UV light under 400 nm ± a wavelength range particularly conducive to algae growth. In this way algae growth is effectively kept in check, allowing aquarium plants to flourish.

The high-quality Trocal T5 tubes from Dennerle are manufactured according to state-of-the-art production processes in Germany and combine a very high light output with excellent colour rendition and a long service life.

  • With UV Stop - anti-algae effect 
  • Fresh light aflood with vitality, just like at noon on a fine summer's day 
  • Colour rendition: Excellent ± brings out the natural colouring of fish and plants in all its glory 
  • Ideal for imitating waters exposed to bright sunlight, e.g. Malawi and Tanganyika aquaria 
  • Outstanding growing light for aquarium plants 
  • Trocal Longlife technology: Over 10,000 lighting hours.


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