Dennerle Shrimp King 5 in 1 Pack

Shrimp King is the premium brand endorsed by Crusta Hunter Chris Lukhaup. This line consists of mainly high quality food sticks and granules.

*NEW* Dennerle has completely reworked its Shrimp King Line with improved recipe, better packaging and bigger sizes. It now comes in a resealable plastic tub keeping your food fresh and dry.

Finally here: The 5in1 Discovery Pack! This is iudeal to try all the different Shrimp King foods or just get a good starter pack. This pack contains the following Shrimp King foods:

  • Shrimp King Complete
  • Shrimp King Mineral
  • Shrimp King Protein
  • Shrimp King 5-Leaf Mix
  • Shrimp Kind Snow Pops - Snowflake Food
Package: 30g (6 x 5g)


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