DENNERLE PlantaGold 7 (20 tabs)

The secret recipe from the DENNERLE aquarium plants nursery?PlantaGold 7 is a special preparation for all discerning fans of aquarium plants. It lends a fresh lease of life to every aquarium. With PlantaGold 7, even the most attractive plants flourish with added glory. In aquaria in which plant growth is poor despite the use of fertilizers, it restores an environment conducive to growth?and reliably counters stagnant growth.

How PlantaGold 7 works

lantaGold 7 acts on several fronts. Growth-promoting, natural plant enzymes stimulate cell division. Foliation is promoted, the entire plant is strengthened. Plant nutrients in the aquarium which have become ineffective are remobilised and rendered available to the plants once again. Active chelate iron provides for?rich green leaves.

Special benefit: PlantaGold 7 also creates unfavourable growing conditions for algae. Existing algae are kept?in check, new algae formation is markedly reduced.

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