Dennerle Perfect Plant System Set

The Dennerle fertilization set contains, E15 FerActiv, Dennerle S7 VitaMix, and Dennerle V30 Complete.

Ideal set for aquarium plant fertilization: Dennerle Perfect Plant System Set. The set contains:

E15 FerActiv White iron for rich green leaves:

  • With Calcium and magnesium 
  • Prevents leaves from turning yellow
  • Chelated nutrients 
  • Contains white iron, which is the only form of iron plants can absorb 
  • Phosphate and nitrate free, to prevent algae formation 

S7 VitaMix contains vitamins and minerals which help vibrancy and vitality for fish and plants:

  • Makes fish healthier and provides longevity 
  • Provides more activity and increases appetite 
  • Enables important vitamins and minerals 
  • Cares and activates plant growth 

V30 Complete Special fertilizers for practical, healthy, and green Plants:

  • Plants will grow healthily just as in nature 
  • Helps growth stunts 
  • With immediate and long term affects 
  • Phosphate and Nitrate free to prevent algae growth 


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