Dennerle Nano Marinus Bio-Circulator 4-in-1

Water flow - surface extraction - plankton feeding - filtration

The Nano Marinus Bio-Circulator 4in1 is the core element of the Nano Marinus system. This world first has been developed especially for the Nano Cubes.

Its combination of four functions provides for a biologically stable habitat and simple care of healthy and fascinating aquascapes featuring active, colourful corals, fish, crabs and shrimps.

In conjunction with regular water-changing, the BioCirculator does away with the need for a skimmer in the Nano Marinus system from Dennerle.

This also avoids the noise from such a skimmer, which would be a continuous nuisance in a nano aquarium.

  1. Water flow: A powerful, quiet pump ensures ideal flow conditions. The flow direction can be controlled with the aid of the flow diffusor.
  2. Surface extraction: The surface extractor for a crystal-clear water surface. A greasy-looking layer of bacteria and algae which impairs gas exchange may otherwise form on the surface of the water.
  3. Plankton feeding: The algae and micro-organisms which are extracted from the surface are continuously distributed throughout the aquarium as natural plankton feed. In this way, the BioCirculator helps to provide basic nutrition for all filter-feeding reef dwellers.
  4. Filtration: With its bio foam (2 different sizes) the BioCirculator provides for swift clarification of the water, e.g. after cleaning the glass sides of the aquarium.

We recommend running aquaria with large numbers of filter-feeding reef dwellers (corals, mussels, sponges, tube worms, etc.) without a bio foam, so that these creatures benefit from the available plankton in full, without filtering out any of this source of nutrition.

  • With small bio foam for 30l
  • With large bio foam for 60l
  • Without bio filter
  • With angled foam for compact fitting in corners 


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