Growth height - 40 cm Origin country Zuchtform
Usage Aquascaping, NanoCube Type Rosettenpflanze
Family Alismataceae Species Echinodorus
Breeding Ausläuferpflanzen am Blütenstiel Growth speed mittel
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 0 - 18 °dh

Rotblättrig, gutwüchsig und pflegeleicht – das sind die Eigenschaften dieser imposanten Schwertpflanze. Der Sorten Name bezieht sich auf den Produktionsleiter Red-leaved, grows well and easy to care for – these are the characteristics of this impressive Echinodorus. The variety name is derived from the production manager in Sri Lanka, where almost all Echinodorus plants grow in the tropics under the optimum conditions. As with many Echinodorus, the plant is pure green when growing above water, only under water do the wonderful, colourful leaves gradually appear. The 'Red Senna' variety is a magnificent specimen plant for the midground or background.

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