Dennerle Deponit Mix Professional

On the basis of tests spread over many years, DENNERLE’s aquarium plants nursery has developed a long-term mineral nutrient medium especially for aquaria. DeponitMix Professional. It was inspired by natural mechanisms. High-quality quartz sands create the optimum bed climate. Carefully-selected clay minerals regulate the balance of nutrients. They release nutrients when necessary, and absorb them again when a surplus arises. Humus-rich natural peats create a slightly acidic bed environment, and pre-digest nutrients to convert them into a form that plants can use. Concentrated nutrient iron combined with vital trace elements ensure balanced growth and rich green leaves. Special, highly-porous granules make the bio-filter function many times more effectively – thereby improving both the water quality and the health of the fish. DeponitMix Professional ensures that plants get off to a good start and develop strong roots – even in the case of the most delicate varieties. No added phosphates or nitrates – does not promote algae growth.


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