In Sump Version - Deltec SC 3070 - This stands for Single Chamber, body diameter 300mm and total height 700mm

The total height measurement includes around 20mm for cup removal
Significantly exceeds performance of AP1004 (2400L of air - 230V)
Footprint: 320mm x 320mm
Footprint plus pipework: 383 mm x 325 mm
Total air produced: 2x1500 to 2x1600 lts/hour
Power consumption: 2 x 29W-31W
Working water height in sump: 180-260mm
Neck diameter: 160mm
Outlet pipe size: 50mm
Tank Suitability: 4000L for heavy stocking and 4800L for normal stocking
Remote drain of skimmer cup
Air silencers
Micro adjustable skimmer setting
High water flow through the skimmer
Optional self cleaning system
New colour scheme
No feed pump required, skimmer draws water directly from the sump

Note: This Product is for Online Pre-Order Basis Only. Usual Lead Time is approximately 1-2 weeks.

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