Coral Smoothie™ 8oz

Feeding corals is gratifying.   We think that the presence of a mouth and gut, the mechanisms to take in food, means that corals were designed to feed.  In fact many coral farmers support feeding as a means of propagation.  Some aquarists argue that corals really do not need to be fed because of the symbiotic relationship they have with zooxanthellae algae.  We would just like to point out that many organisms have numerous strategies of survival.  Our Coral Smoothie™ products are designed to help conveniently feed your reef.  The ingredients are of the highest quality and our formulations are proven to stimulate coral feeding and growth.   We chose food particles on the smaller side 5-5000um in bottles that have a pour spout for ease of feeding.  Simply cut the tip of the bottle as you would with a tube of caulking, submerge the bottle into the tank, point and squeeze.  You can target directly or squeeze into the powerhead for a broadcast feed.  Our Coral Smoothie™ line is pasteurized for your tank’s safety and can sit on the shelf for one year.  However, it needs to be refrigerated after opening.

Coral Smoothie™

Coral Smoothie is our “kitchen sink” of feeds.  It has fish eggs, phytoplankton rotifers, copePODS, copePOD eggs, decap’d brine, squid, fish, clams, oyster and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.  It feeds Acans through Zooanthids..and fish too.  A customer of ours from New York said his fish wake up from a sleep to feed on this product.  He loves it.

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