Colombo Iodine Test for Marine water

Colombo Iodine Test

Positives and Negatives
Measured by drop test value. 
Suitable for seawater
-  Test the water always adding resources. 

Description Colombo Iodione test
the Colombo Marine Iodine test (color 1) test accurately iodinegehalte your seawater aquarium. This test works on the basis of iodine, but in addition also contains two other halogens: bromine and fluorine. These elements are important, mainly for a pink coloration. The optimal iodine value is 0.06 mg / l. 
The Colombo Marine Iodine test is easy to use and gives a reliable result. 

From Colombo the main parameters tests available: pH, carbonate hardness (KH), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO 4).

Technical specifications: 
Content:. 40 drop tests 
Provides: measuring Iodine value


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