Instant Siphon Gravel Cleaner

Tired of sucking up gross aquarium water? Try the new Instant siphon gravel vac. Make aquarium maintenance fun with this one of a kind gravel Vac. 

It only takes a few pumps on the bulb and your Insant Siphon Gravel Vac comes to life and ready to clean those hard to reach areas of your freshwater, saltwater or reef aquarium. This little wonder is perfect for those who hate the taste of aquarium water. 

The instant gravel Vac comes complete with 4' of clear hose and a built in valve to turn on and off your siphon. Works great for freshwater or saltwater aquariums and can be used safely on reef aquariums. No more sucking, no more mess, our instant gravel vac is a must have for serious aquarist.


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