BORNEOWILD HUMIC is an organic, granulated humus conditioner that buffers water at pH 6 - 6.5 and gH 3-4. It is ideal for improving activities, survival ratio and higher success rate of breeding in bee shrimps. It also serves as a source of nutrients for microbes, thus maintaining high and healthy levels of soil life. With its hormonal characteristics, plant growth and root development are also enhanced.


  • Use HUMIC when you are setting up a new tank, observes juvenile shrimp dying or when the population growth is stagnant.
  • When setting up a new shrimp tank, sprinkle them below or above the substrate layer, or put them in a mesh bag in the filter.
  • When setting up a new planted tank, sprinkle HUMIC below the base of the substrate layer with the fertilizers or put them in a mesh bag in the filter.
  • To apply HUMIC above the substrate layer, please soak them in water for up to 15minutes as they may float due to its dryness.


  • For Shrimp tank, use 30g / 60x30cm tank.
  • For Planted/Shrimp tank, use 60g / 60x30cm tank.
  • Last for up to six months.


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